The Quietus Top 40 Albums of 2010

13 Dec

I’m a big fan of The Quietus. It’s a site run by genuine music lovers and talented writers. While never ashamed of its intellectualism, it’s not pretentious or hip for the sake of it. The Quietus is one of the few “proper” music sites that covers metal without falling into the cliches and kult bullshit that permeate Terroriser, Metal Hammer, Decibel et al which seem to be marketed at moron teens.

While I have been disappointed to see no recent instalments of the awesome Columnus Metallicus, it was very exciting to see the Quietus Top 40 for 2010 finally land.

Now I certainly don’t agree with their list but it was pleasing to see the following heavy albums make the grade:

  • High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine
  • Shining – Blackjazz
  • The Body – And All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood
  • Cathedral – The Guessing Game
  • Electric Wizard – Black Masses
  • UFOmammut – Eve

For the eclectically minded, there’s plenty of good stuff to get your teeth into. Personally, I’m going to check out Salem and give Liars a second chance as well as setting aside some time away from high tempo metal to swim in the morass that is Electric Wizard and UFOmammut.

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