Dishammer – Vintage Addiction

30 Jan

Dishammer - Vintage Addiction

Forget wearing your influences on your sleeve, how about tattooing them on your forehead? Even someone with a double-digit IQ and a passing interest in heavy music could hazard a guess at how Vintage Addiction, the debut from Spanish outfit Dishammer, might sound like.

If you have wandered here from my British Sea Power post, I’ll let you off if you didn’t twig the blatant Discharge and Hellhammer worship.

I know there is a long tradition of Dis- bands, which, to be fair, is what drew me to check this out in my so-far fruitless quest to find a serious rival to Disfear.

It amused me to think though of what other combinations might happen if other originality-challenged new bands followed the same naming route. Motormaiden? Darkjovi? Motleythrone? Bathpriest? Napalmroses? I think I/they may have invented a new parlour game…

So what of Vintage Addiction? As you may have divined: dollops of lo-fi crust, d-beat and heads-down 80s thrash topped off with black metal-style rasping strangled screaming and gargling.

With song titles like Pain in the Ass and Werewolves on Wheels alongside more predictable offerings pertaining to the occult, it’s refreshing to see a (juvenile) sense of humour at play.

It’s not in the same league as Black Breath or All Pigs Must Die but if you wanted a thicker crust on those tasty pies, then it’s well worth checking out.

To be fair to Dishammer, I think this may be one of those only half-serious projects. The album artwork is ridiculous and the booklet is full of b&w dodgy amateur porn. Then again, there was a 2010 follow-up EP, Under the Sign of the D-beat Mark, to this 2008 album, so who knows?

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