Earth, Krallice, Weakling, Birds in Row, The Streets, Mastodon and The Secret

8 Feb

Earth will hypnotise you with rumbling riffs

What’s been blasting through my headphones this week?

Read on for a brief round-up of the hits and misses of my musical wanderings over the past seven days.

The good: Enveloping myself in some masterful, almost ambient droning riffage from the man that inspired Sunn o)))

The bad: stabbing knitting needles into my ear, through the eardrum and into my brain. At least that’s what listening to The Secret felt like at the time.

  • EarthA Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction. A remaster and compilation of some classic early material from the granddaddy of drone doom Dylan Carlson. Oddly compulsive, even soothing, listening, even without the ghost of Kurt Cobain murmuring on one track. The sound of tectonic plates shifting.
  • KralliceDimensional Bleedthrough. USBM > Norwegian BM. It’s as simple as that. Searing wall-of-noise guitars that are My Bloody Valentine by way of an ice storm while the obligatory strangled vocal is deep enough in the mix to become just another layer rather than an irritation. Looking forward to the imminent sequel.
  • Weakling Dead as Dreams. The album that defined USBM apart from its Euro counterparts. I expected to hate this but found myself enjoying it for the same reason as I did Krallice. It’s like twisted shoegaze lacerated by the howls of the dying.
  • Birds in RowCottbus. Amiable sludgy/hardcore/crust. Not too ear-raping. Could be a grower.
  • The StreetsComputers and Blues. Just one listen so far. It was never going to be in the same league as Original Pirate Material and A Grand Don’t Come for Free. But there’s some interesting moments of lyrical insight that suggest this will probably sit in the middle of Mike Skinner’s five-album career in terms of quality.
  • MastodonRemission. Never liked Mastodon. This may have just changed. It’s not the first time I’ve listened to this album but for some reason, it’s just clicked. Rampaging. I still prefer Baroness though.
  • The SecretSolve et Coagula. Given that this Italian crust-grind outfit are typically mentioned in the same breath as Southern Lord labelmates and Monkey Defies Gravity favourites Black Breath and Nails, this album should have been a keeper. Shame I fucking hated it and had to neck two paracetamol for the headache it triggered. Awful, grating noise. I’ll give it one more go before throwing it under a bus.

2 Responses to “Earth, Krallice, Weakling, Birds in Row, The Streets, Mastodon and The Secret”

  1. hhbrady February 8, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Yes, I totally agree, especially with Krallice. Love that record.


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    […] even read their name until maybe 2007 at a push. It’s taken me this long to get into Remission (which I quite like), let alone any of the others of their so-called golden […]

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