Kvelertak – Westcoast Holocaust

15 Feb

kvelertak westcoast holocaustI’m not in the habit of linking to mp3 blogs but Kvelertak’s 2007 demo Westcoast Hardcore is not exactly readily available down your local HMV.

I stumbled across From This Swamp through excellent blog Illogical Contraption’s Trappy Awards when it scooped the best mp3 blog gong.

I’m a huge fan of Kvelertak’s self-titled debut so despite the expectedly rough quality, it was a fascinating listen.

A couple of things stand out.

  • The addition of a third guitarist following the recording of the demo really beefed up the Kvelertak sound.
  • In the intervening years between demo and album they somehow learned how to write amazing hooks and riffs.
  • They had a song called like Suck My Glock. Really.
  • Mjød arrived almost perfectly formed – a standout hit even when recorded in a Norwegian bedroom.
  • Kurt Ballou should be credited as the seventh member of the band for the job he did on the their guitar tone and rush of sound.

It’s a curio but worth a listen if you like Kvelertak. Which I do.

Sorry for sparse postage. New flat, shite (temporary) mobile broadband that’s slower than late 90s dial-up. Three Mobile? Wee Mobile more like.


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