On High Rotation: Baroness – First & Second

25 Feb

Baroness' John Baizely mid-roar

Super-quick post to prove I’m still breathing. Blame 3 Mobile Broadband for a 0.1 Mbps connection. That’s slower than dial-up ever was! Insane.

So a quick one from the office about what’s rocking my bollocks this week. I absolutely love Baroness and am planning a post devoted to the all the ways I love them.

I worked my way back from Blue Record and despite initially feeling lukewarm to their 2004/5 debut EPs First & Second, I now find them more addictive than booze-soaked heroin cigarettes with crack sprinkles on top.

So much heavier than later outings yet still brimming with ideas, melody and dynamics.

My favourite song is without a doubt Rise, particularly the climactic section that kicks off  at around the 5:30 mark with an absolutely euphoric crunchy yet melodic riff that never fails to get my head nodding.

It’s a great song with multiple sections that subtly plays with tension and expectation. I love the repeating melodic figure that winds like a spring as it slowly rises in pitch and tempo while we are teased with snatches of a warm, distorted 70s rock riff and little start-stop sections.

A huge rumbling middle section almost lumbers to a halt before Baroness build up to the climax mentioned above. Once the song builds up a head of steam, they feel unstoppable. Check the clip below if you don’t know it.

2 Responses to “On High Rotation: Baroness – First & Second”


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