Syphilitic Vaginas, The Lärves and Subrosa

8 Mar

What more can be said?

I never thought I’d have a post with a title like this one. So if you have wandered here by mistake due to your bizarre fetish for diseased genitalia, sorry to disappoint you. Well not that sorry, you sick fuck! What’s wrong with healthy muff, eh?

Anyway, I digress. So what’s been pummelling the ol’ cochlea today? Something of a mixed bag to be honest: Syphilitic Vaginas, The Lärves and Subrosa. All of which I was really amped to listen to, none of which blew my mind.

Syphilitic Vaginas – Complete Studio Works. I kid you not. I had the wool pulled over my eyes by comparisons to Disfear. Closer to aural dysentery. Thin, samey fake-Japanese-but-really-Swedish d-beat with not enough metal to make it worth bothering with. Next!

The Lärves – Dis Is Hell. A Finnish CDR of ridiculously distorted and crappily recorded blackened crusty d-beat. I’d love to say it’s great. It’s not. I may listen to it again but I doubt it. No link available sorry.

Subrosa – No Help for The Mighty Ones. What an odd album! Sort of stoner doom – think fat, distorted low end riffs – with dual electric violins and alt-rock female vocals. Metal Review gave this a perfect 10 (and polarised opinion in the process). A really dull and out of place acapella trad Celtic folk song near the end of the album scuppers such a verdict for me but the album could be a grower.


One Response to “Syphilitic Vaginas, The Lärves and Subrosa”

  1. Full Metal Attorney March 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    I love SubRosa–review coming next week.

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