Invasion – Master Alchemist

2 Jun
Invasion Master Alchemist

The cover to the next Justin Bieber album

Spacey, punky, freaky, stoner/psych/metal with highly original Motown-on-acid female vocals about wizards.

That probably either makes you want to vomit (in which case, the back button is that way) or really gets your antenna twitching.

I am certain Master Alchemist, the debut from London trio Invasion will one day be hailed as an overlooked classic.  The 2009 release flew under the radar, which is a great shame as it appears as if there may be no follow-up.

Guitarist Marek recently told Monkey Defies Gravity that Invasion was “on the backburner”, while he and other members pursued other projects.

While I am keen to check out what Marek and co do next, it would be a real shame if they pulled the plug permanently.

Disclaimer: given their look and sound, it’s true Invasion definitely leave themselves open to the dread slur of being “hipster metal”.

But – quite apart from that being a piss-weak insult at the best of times – Marek is actually co-founder of the fantastic Live Evil festival run in collaboration with Fenriz of Darkthrone  and based on his Band of the Week that was last year headlined by NWOBHM stalwarts Angel Witch.

So stick that in your fucking pipe and smoke it, internet metal elitists!

So, Master Alchemist. At 12 songs in under half an hour, this druggy, sci-fi soul take on Sabbath just flies by and just begs to be played again.

Check some YouTube-age and make up your own mind.


Spells of Deception

Follow the Smoke / Conjure War

One Response to “Invasion – Master Alchemist”

  1. Full Metal Attorney at 1:57 pm #

    I think I’ll have to look into this. I like me some weird stuff.

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