New Mastodon Video: Curl of the Burl

16 Aug

I am not particularly personally invested in Mastodon. As they rose and took on the mantle of “the next Metallica”, I was busy digging deep into dub, bass music and their intersection with hip-hop to even notice.

I hadn’t even read their name until maybe 2007 at a push. It’s taken me this long to get into Remission (which I quite like), let alone any of the others of their so-called golden run.

So I couldn’t really give a shit what they do. Yet it doesn’ t take a genius to see this new Mastodon video Curl of the Burl as an ominous sign the forthcoming The Hunter album is going to be the Atlanta, Georgians’ Bob Rock moment.

This single is a bit… boring. The guitars lack heft while the vocals are very 90s alt-metal. The main riff, which along with vocal refrain repeats ad nauseam, is generic late-period QOTSA. While I’m certainly partial to the odd slab of stoner rock, the song doesn’t really go anywhere.

Another track Black Tongue is doing the rounds and while it’s got a bit more bite, it’s no March of the Fire Ants.

Now that’s what I call riffage. If that makes me a metal elitist twat then so be it.

I fervently hope Baroness don’t go down this stodge-rock route with their new album. I would literally cry big man tears and have a big man tanty. You don’t want that on your conscience now Baizley, ya hear?

3 Responses to “New Mastodon Video: Curl of the Burl”

  1. hhbrady August 16, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Weird, I was just listening to this on iTunes. I yell ya, I just don’t get Mastodon. They seem boring to me. I’ve bought a few singles, and bought Blood Mountain and Leviathan, and still just… blah. I may not love Baroness like you, but I get the appeal, and I really liked the last album. Mastodon… meh.

  2. Kuz August 17, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    Yeah, I’ve never managed to get into Blood Mountain or Leviathan despite feeling I oughta given the gallons of critical jizz splattered all over them. Crack The Skye is just tedious. Remission though is much more thunderous and sludgy and does have its moments.

  3. hhbrady August 25, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Remission? Ok, I’ll give that one a spin.

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