Bon Iver, Manchester Orchestra, The Antlers – Quiet Times

7 Sep
Bon Iver

I may look like a hipster twat but 'tis not so

It’s not all metal, metal, metal here at Monkey Defies Gravity.

Well, it almost is but occasionally, when the blood is trickling from the eardrums, I indulge in a little quiet time.

In hipster circles, the  Bon Iver backlash has started.

Well fuck you, you rolled-up-trouser ankle-baring cunt-knuckles, Bon Iver circa 2011 is better than ever.

Sure, Bon Iver Bon Iver has put flesh on those oh-so-bare bones that entranced us on To Emma, Forever Ago. Yet Justin Vernon nails lush with no slush.

Yes it’s a bit beardy but also beautiful, transporting and mesmerising even. A great palate-cleanser when the crusty death gets a little claggy.

Manchester Orchestra Simple Math gets a mention purely on the strength of the simply stunning title track.

I loved it before seeing the video but the music and images together elevate it to some, ahem, next-level shit (thanks I Prefer Their Old Stuff for posting the vid a while back).

I get a little choked up watching this. (Don’t tell anyone or I’ll break yer fecking legs).

The rest of the album falls a little short of this, which is a shame. It’s decent enough though in an Arcade Fire or The National kind of way.

In fact this song evokes a similar emotion in me as We Used to Wait, which soundtracks the amazing video project The Wilderness Downtown.

We are in definite Pitchfork territory with my final pick: The Antlers Burst Apart. Yes, it may be beloved of trendy nobbins the world over but there is no escaping that this is quality record.

Mournful yet oddly ecstatic electronic alt-rock balladry.

Try it you might like it.

Right that’s enough cardigan music, I’m off to crank up some Nails.

3 Responses to “Bon Iver, Manchester Orchestra, The Antlers – Quiet Times”

  1. hhbrady September 10, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    I’ve actually circled buying this album on iTunes several times, and never made the leap. I dig him though, it’s that unusual music that manages to be heavy without all the typical “heavy” trappings like high-gain/ detuned guitars, speed, etc. In that way it reminds me of Ray LaMontagne.

  2. Kuz September 14, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    Do it. Bon Iver is awesome with a capital “fucking”.

  3. IPreferTheirOldStuff September 18, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    That Antlers album is really growing on me, I wasn’t sure on first listen and almost wrote off the gushing praise it’s received as cooler than thou journos get over excited but on repeated listens I’m beginning to think it’s more than a bit special!

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