Nails/Skin Like Iron Split 7″

12 Jan
Nails/Skin Like Iron Split

Daddy, look what I did at Play Skool today!

Nails condense their raging noise into a black hole of grinding fury. Their last album Unsilent Death roars home in just 14 minutes, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. I love it.

The only problem is that you can only chew over a quarter of an hour of music so much before it gets a little ragged around the edges, you know?

So the stokage was through the roof for this new material from Nails – it may only be two songs and 3:15 of new material but I’m happy.

There’s an evolution to their sound on Annihilation – which accounts for 2:46 of this new music! The riffs have a thrash edge and in place of feedback-laced blasting, there’s more of a gallop. The guitar tone is filthier and more distorted too.

Signs are looking good for the new album due this year on Southern Lord.

On the A-side of the split is Skin Like Iron.

Now I think I know at least a little bit about underground music. After all, I spend far too much time on the internets reading about what heavy shit I am going to abuse my ears with next.

And yet I haven’t even heard of these awesome noise-bringing dudes!

Definitely not much metal in their hardcore but their two melodic yet intense tracks really balance out the split. I maybe even like ’em a bit more than the Nails side (SHOCK! HORROR!)

I will definitely be exploring their 2011 album Arrival.

Pre-order with split from the Nails web store for six of those American dollar things or check the stream on Decibel.

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