Classic Hip-hop: Edan – Beauty & The Beat

8 Feb
Edan - Beauty and the Beat

I'm the educated rebel with the heavy metal flavour

This is quite possibly my favourite hip-hop album of all time. I shit you not.

There’s never been anything quite like it before or since and it irks me greatly that Edan dropped this like an atom bomb, splattering my brain in 2005 and has yet to follow it up. Gah.

Kaleidocopic 60s pysch-pop fed through an echoplex is welded onto a classic hip-hop chassis and driven by some seriously snarly rapping that eschews the usual, tired shit for surreal wordplay deeply steeped in hip-hop and rock history.

Oh and it seriously bumps.

My absolute favourite track, album closer Promised Land (I always play this track twice):

Oh, it’s such a hard choice to settle on a final track with which to bless your ears. While I would heartily recommend you check Making Planets for its sweet melody and irresistible funkiness, as a nod to the metallic nature of MDG I shall plump for Rock n’ Roll.

After all, it might well be the only hip-hop song to reference Judas Priest


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