On My Turntable: Fucked Up; Ed Sheeran; The Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels

13 Feb

I wheel this around on a trolley wherever I go

It’s that time again kids, where the Monkey shares the spoils of his sonic adventuring to create a bite-size buffet of aural delights.

That or I just tell you what I have been listening to lately and say whether I liked the cut of its jib.

This week, it’s been my favourite post-hardcore hucksters Fucked Up; Ed motherfucking Sheeran (no shit) and The Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels.

Fucked Up – Year of the Tiger

Fucked-Up - Year of the Tiger

It's a tiger

David Comes to Life may have been my #4 album of 2011 but I found it almost as frustrating as I did fascinating.

The uniformly standard-length songs, the rhyming couplets and the resolutely mid-tempo pace were no doubt deliberate formal restrictions.

Yet this was so at odds with the furious sprawl of previous albums: I just wanted them to spazz out.

Taking 37 minutes to complete two songs, Fucked Up’s follow-up EP Year of the Ox is the musical manifestation of Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Where there was restraint, now there is unbridled wig-flipping. What once took 2 minutes, now takes 20.

Sound painfully pretentious doesn’t it? Given my love of the three-minute thrash, I should hate this but it’s a triumph.

The title track revisits melodic elements from David Comes to Life along with its gruff bark/pretty female vocal juxtapositions only to spin them out to dissolve the formality of that album.

The even lengthier instrumental Onno (22 minutes! That’s one-and-a-half Nails albums!) has more in common with krautrock or Orbital than Youth of Today or Chain of Strength.

It should drag but the washes of layered and FX-mangled guitar swirl and build around a chiming melody and dub-inflected bassline to reach a blissful, Balearic climax.

I swear I can half hear the ghost of a cheesy Ibiza house tune hiding among the guitar overdubs.

Ed Sheeran ft Mikill Pane – Little Lady

I can honestly say I never thought I would mention Ed bloody Sheeran on this blog.

Bland, coffee-table music that sends me into apoplexies of rage at how otherwise intelligent people are duped by its cheap, off-the-peg emotion. (You  can substitute Adele, Coldplay or any number of muppets for Ed Sheeran and my feelings are the same).


So, this bedwetting cardigan-wearer teamed up with a UK rapper to subvert his biggest hit A-Team from an innocuous folk-pop song into a bleak and absolutely chilling musical narrative.

Listen all the way to end…

The Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels – Bastards

Motörhead playing hardcore punk. That’s probably the only information you need to decide whether to investigate further. This 2010 demo is on Chainsaw Safety records and it’s pretty fun.

Spotify or Myspace as there’s no decent Youtubage. Hoof and Ash is a good starting point.

2 Responses to “On My Turntable: Fucked Up; Ed Sheeran; The Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels”

  1. hhbrady February 13, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Yannow, I wanna get “Fucked Up,” I really do– but I don’t.

    • Kuz February 13, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

      Bit like me and jazz!

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