Doomsday – S/T

24 Oct
Doomsday Band Nachtmystium

Goat’s head stew Sir?

Fancy getting pummeled into paste by some scabrous death-crust? Me too! Fancy that…

Doomsday pound away at you like a horny drunkard until you give in, squeal and enjoy it.

Then and only then, when you are slavering for more, do they finally let up and, having deflowered you, show you their atmospheric skillzzz.

Well that’s on Bring Down The Knife anyway, streaming here on that musical Sodom and Gomorrah that is Pitchfork. (I get dirty so you don’t have to folks. Don’t worry, I’ve had my jabs.)

The EP isn’t out yet so the only other track doing the rounds is The Punishment, which is an altogether different proposition.

This filthy little beast continues the relentless battery that starts out as blackened death metal before transmogrifying into a hideous, unstable hybrid that shifts in fits of cross-eyed dementia between loping crusty d-beats and blasty METUL chugging.

I like it.

The chaps in it have some pedigree, being alumni of Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer, Goatwhore and Gates of Slumber. It’s out on November 6 on Disorder Recordings.

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