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Ear Balm: The Bon Scotts

22 Feb

It’s no secret that I love a bit of the quiet to soothe ears battered by the filthy and the furious. A palate cleanser, if you will.

Sporting perhaps a band name so inappropriate they feel forced to describe themselves as “Not an AC/DC covers band”, the Bon Scotts are the antithesis of their compatriot namesake.

Quiet and introspective, these Australians weave understated, emotional songs as much from found sounds and subtle glitches as traditional instrumentation.

They managed a single four-track EP in 2005 – the best song the sublime New Rain on Summer Roads above – before going into hiatus until 2010.

Unfortunately, the two albums released since then are more upbeat and obviously quirky, losing the uncertain, wistful edge that made their debut EP so charming.

Anyway, Kylesa tomorrow night so no more cardigan music for me for a while…

On My Turntable: Fucked Up; Ed Sheeran; The Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels

13 Feb

I wheel this around on a trolley wherever I go

It’s that time again kids, where the Monkey shares the spoils of his sonic adventuring to create a bite-size buffet of aural delights.

That or I just tell you what I have been listening to lately and say whether I liked the cut of its jib.

This week, it’s been my favourite post-hardcore hucksters Fucked Up; Ed motherfucking Sheeran (no shit) and The Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels.

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The Sun Electric Band

8 Feb
The Sun Electric Band

Your head smells nice

When I am not up to my ears in filth, I like to frolic in a little jangly surf-pop and even dip my toe into the waters of country rock.

The Sun Electric Band, an unsigned group from Manchester, scratch that itch for me.

It’s wistful and yet celebrates melancholy rather than wallowing in it.

I’ve seen them a couple of times in various back rooms in Camden and Shoreditch and they are really good live too.

Although I sometimes wish they would cover Black Sabbath rather than Gene Clark.

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Bon Iver, Manchester Orchestra, The Antlers – Quiet Times

7 Sep
Bon Iver

I may look like a hipster twat but 'tis not so

It’s not all metal, metal, metal here at Monkey Defies Gravity.

Well, it almost is but occasionally, when the blood is trickling from the eardrums, I indulge in a little quiet time.

In hipster circles, the  Bon Iver backlash has started.

Well fuck you, you rolled-up-trouser ankle-baring cunt-knuckles, Bon Iver circa 2011 is better than ever.

Sure, Bon Iver Bon Iver has put flesh on those oh-so-bare bones that entranced us on To Emma, Forever Ago. Yet Justin Vernon nails lush with no slush.

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Weekly Round-up: Alela Diane, Atmosphere, Explosions in the Sky.

18 Apr
Atmosphere Slug

Atmosphere - Not your average hip-hop crew

Alela Diane, Atmosphere, Explosions in the Sky?

“That’s not very metal! What kind of pussy are you Monkey?” I hear you asking yourself before deleting this blog forever from your bookmarks, never to grace these pages with your presence again.

Well, hold your horses, cowboy.

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