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Stone Roses to Reform?

14 Oct
Stone Roses

I'm a monkeh, a motherfuckin monkeh

The Stone Roses are candidates for my favourite band of all time.

No doubt, nostalgia plays a massive part in this.

Hearing even a few notes of their stunning eponymous 1989 debut transports me to being 18 – young, dumb and full of cum, as they say.

So I literally welled up with manly tears when I heard the (unconfirmed) news that the Roses are due to announce plans to reform for a series of 2012 gigs.

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Bon Iver, Manchester Orchestra, The Antlers – Quiet Times

7 Sep
Bon Iver

I may look like a hipster twat but 'tis not so

It’s not all metal, metal, metal here at Monkey Defies Gravity.

Well, it almost is but occasionally, when the blood is trickling from the eardrums, I indulge in a little quiet time.

In hipster circles, the  Bon Iver backlash has started.

Well fuck you, you rolled-up-trouser ankle-baring cunt-knuckles, Bon Iver circa 2011 is better than ever.

Sure, Bon Iver Bon Iver has put flesh on those oh-so-bare bones that entranced us on To Emma, Forever Ago. Yet Justin Vernon nails lush with no slush.

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New Fucked Up Album – David Comes to Life

23 May
New Fucked Up Album - David Comes to Life

Cuddle? Damian of Fucked Up indulges in some man love hardcore style

Imagine lying half-stoned in a field of buttercups on a summer afternoon staring at the clouds while being stomped on by a fat, tattooed skinhead.

That’s the dichotomy of ┬áthe Fucked Up sound.

Brutality and psychedelic beauty.

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That Fucking Tank – Mr Blood

9 Apr

This isn’t a music video. It’s a twisted short film by independent Yorkshire film-makers Jakomat set to Mr Blood by utterly brilliant Leeds DIY duo That Fucking Tank. Watch it and then check out full-length Tanknology if you haven’t already. It’s alright, you can thank me later.

Back to the (Early) 90s: Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Wonder Stuff, PWEI, Senseless Things

27 Mar
Neds Atomic Dustbin God Fodder

Ned's Atomic Dustbin: God Fodder artwork

I’ve had a bit of back to the early 90s binge this past fortnight, thanks to the effect of last week’s Levellers gig. There has been some musical revisionism at work in recent years that paint the time immediately before the explosion of grunge and then Britpop as a creative wasteland.

That era may have been arid for metal fans but there was a fantastic grebo (think crusty skate punks, sort of) scene that has largely been forgotten except by the fans.

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