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You Need to Hear: Baroness

11 Mar

Baroness Kicking Typical Arse

Is it gay to love these men?

It’s not often that you fall completely in love with a band. Before Baroness assumed the corny mantle of “my favourite band”, I hadn’t had such a teenage-style music crush since my devotion to Roots Manuva before my return to the metal fold.

The list over the years is pretty short (and wierdly mainstream): vintage-era Metallica and Slayer, Nirvana (at the time), Atmosphere, The Roots, DJ Shadow, pre-’92 REM, The Stone Roses and Neds Atomic Dustbin. Sure there’s loads of records I’m absolutely obsessed with  but full-on band fandom? That type of musical lightning doesn’t strike too often, especially as you get older and music becomes more fragmented in general.

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On High Rotation: Baroness – First & Second

25 Feb

Baroness' John Baizely mid-roar

Super-quick post to prove I’m still breathing. Blame 3 Mobile Broadband for a 0.1 Mbps connection. That’s slower than dial-up ever was! Insane.

So a quick one from the office about what’s rocking my bollocks this week. I absolutely love Baroness and am planning a post devoted to the all the ways I love them.

I worked my way back from Blue Record and despite initially feeling lukewarm to their 2004/5 debut EPs First & Second, I now find them more addictive than booze-soaked heroin cigarettes with crack sprinkles on top.

So much heavier than later outings yet still brimming with ideas, melody and dynamics.

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Great Art Blog – Eye Bleed Ink

8 Jan
Kylesa artwork by Santos from Eye Bleed Ink

Kylesa artwork by Santos from Eye Bleed Ink

I’ve just discovered this amazing blog Eye Bleed Ink by Santos, the artist responsible for Kylesa’s Spiral Shadow – one of my albums of 2010, as well as T-shirts and stage items for live shows. I really love his dark pyschedelic pen and ink style.

In his blog, Santos talks through his various designs and the inspiration behind them.

It’s fascinating to discover the level of thought that goes into the art, it’s so much more than throwing together some “cool” skulls and trippy motifs. I hope you enjoy it.

Top 10 Albums of 2010 – Part II

14 Dec

Without further ado here is the second part of my top 10 albums of 2010. If you need to refresh your mind about entries 10-6 then check the first instalment.

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