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Adventures in Death Metal: Autopsy – All Tomorrow’s Funerals

5 Mar
Autopsy All Tomorrow's Funerals

I was a little put out to find one of these blighters under my bed

Autopsy will forever be the key that deciphered for me the unfathomable joys of death metal.

So as a big fan of Mental Funeral but not so much their other albums, I was intrigued to lay my hands on their latest Peaceville release All Tomorrow’s Funerals.

This 22-track double monster compiles and remasters out-of-print EPs Retribution for the Dead and Fiend for Blood along with comeback single and subsequent EP Horrific Obsession and The Tomb Within.

If that wasn’t enough for you greedy bastards, they have garnished the feast with four new songs.

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Yet Another Roundup: Autopsy, King Blues, Assaulter

28 Apr

Least scary death metal band photo ever - Autopsy back in the day.

Sorry for the radio silence – Monkey Defies Gravity has just become a dad again and there’s been little time for music or blogging betwixt the changing of the nappies and taming of bellowing babes in arms.

So at the risk of becoming somewhat stale in the format of my posts: behold, yet another bite-size round-up of what’s been piped into my lugholes lately. This time – Autopsy, The King Blues and Assaulter.

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