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Doomsday – S/T

24 Oct
Doomsday Band Nachtmystium

Goat’s head stew Sir?

Fancy getting pummeled into paste by some scabrous death-crust? Me too! Fancy that…

Doomsday pound away at you like a horny drunkard until you give in, squeal and enjoy it.

Then and only then, when you are slavering for more, do they finally let up and, having deflowered you, show you their atmospheric skillzzz.

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Adventures in Death Metal: Deus Otiosus – Murderer

14 Nov
Death Metal - Deus Otiosus

Five Danes available for cuddles and death metal fun

Right ear: growl. Left ear: growl. STEREO ROAR!

What a fun way to open a death metal album.

With their slightly disturbing artwork and morbid lyrics, Deus Otiosus (it’s Latin for idle god) may want you think they are sinister death dealers but believe me, the Danes’ debut album Murderer is just pure larks!

Of course this does hinge on your idea of fun. If, dear reader, you have navigated here from my Lana Del Rey post then you may end up wearing an upside down smile.

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Disma – Towards The Megalith

27 Sep
Disma Towards The Megalith - Old School Death Metal

The entrance to my office

Mummy, mummy! I’ve found some death metal! Proper death metal and I like it!

Towards The Megalith, the debut from death metal sorta-supergroup Disma is as deathly as it gets in my book.

Old school death metal to the core (and no -core about it).

Partial as I am to hybrid sounds full of spunky punky fun, Disma just cranks out slow and low, filthy murk and I can’t help but like it.

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Adventures in Death Metal: Incantation, Obituary, Carcass

14 Sep
Death Metal - Obituary

Miley Cyrus' new album artwork

Death metal and I are casually dating. I’m certainly attracted to its chunky riffs but I don’t know if I’m ready for a serious relationship.

Regular readers know I usually go for crusty or sludgy girls, so it’s an exciting adventure to be exploring death metal properly for the first time.

This week I went back to the late 80s/early 90s and dabbled in a little Incantation, Obituary and Carcass.

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Book of Black Earth – Cold Testament

5 Sep
Book Of Black Earth - The Cold Testament

Road dogs from hell, indeed

Fast, loose and dirty. No, I’m not talking about Mrs M – it’s how I’m taking my metal right now.

It takes something quite special to come between me and my daily worship at the altar of crusty, d-beating death madness.

That something is Cold Testament, the third opus from Seattle quartet Book of Black Earth.

Reviews containing those magic words (crusty, death, punky and blackened) may have drawn me in but little I have read really nails why Cold Testament not only hits the bullseye but proceeds to tear it a new one.

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