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Song of the Week: Schoolboy Q – There He Go

4 Mar

It’s been so long since any new hip-hop blipped my radar.

I’ve always hated rap, preferring independent hip-hop, particularly the dusty crate-digging style that eschews that “get money, get hos” philosophy for something a little more noble.

So I should hate Schoolboy Q with all his sex, drugs and gang-banging shtick. But man, his flow is so mesmerising and the beats so innovative and downright and irrepressibly bumpalicious that I am hooked.

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Roundup: Amebix; Masakari; Bastard Priest; Book of Black Earth; Roots Manuva

15 Oct

One of these men now makes actual swords

It’s been a funny few weeks at MDG Manors with the daily soundtrack veering all over the shop.

I’ve dabbled in grind, death, hardcore, hip-hop and a few things that defy description.

I’ve found some real gold in the past week or so, so read on for some tips for sonic satisfaction.

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