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Invasion – Master Alchemist

2 Jun
Invasion Master Alchemist

The cover to the next Justin Bieber album

Spacey, punky, freaky, stoner/psych/metal with highly original Motown-on-acid female vocals about wizards.

That probably either makes you want to vomit (in which case, the back button is that way) or really gets your antenna twitching.

I am certain Master Alchemist, the debut from London trio Invasion will one day be hailed as an overlooked classic.  The 2009 release flew under the radar, which is a great shame as it appears as if there may be no follow-up.

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Top 10 Emerging Classic Albums

30 May
Baroness - Blue Record

This is a bit of a suspense killer but hey, I needed a pic

Over on Sawtooth Wave, hhbrady poses the following excellent question: what albums are you still listening to at least once month from the past few years?

Nothing from 2011 is allowed onto the list. Essentially, it’s a challenge to name your top 10 emerging classic albums. Which recent records will be hailed in the same breath as Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast in another decade?

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