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Roundup: Lana Del Rey; Converge; Trap Them; and Miasmal

5 Dec
Trap Them Darker Handcraft

Mmmm, I just LOVE jam. More jam please Mummy.

It’s been a while since I posted some quick-fire nuggets of MDG “wisdom” about my week in music rather than hundreds of words of self-indulgent waffle about a single record.

As always, I’ve veered from one extreme to the other.

From the metallic hardcore cacophony of Converge and Trap Them to the twisted Lynchian torch songs of Lana Del Rey with a dash of dank death from Miasma.

It’s been a good week.

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All Pigs Must Die – God Is War

26 Aug
All Pigs Must Die - God Is War

Death to the porcine scum!

Why am I so obsessed with Southern Lord-core? It makes me feel strong. This ferocious noise is a lightning bolt to a weary soul. Like a line of Columbia’s finest, it’s a jolt to the nervous system like no other.

So to All Pigs Must Die. Their self-titled debut EP was one of my sleeper records of 2010.

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Nails – Unsilent Death

16 Dec
Nails - Unsilent Death

Nails - Unsilent Death

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this odd little debut from SoCal band Nails. The 10 songs of Unsilent Death flash by in 13 minutes 48 seconds – in your face Slayer and Napalm Death!

Indeed the instant velocity achieved by 32-second opener Conform recalls Scum-era Napalm Death and surely track titles like Scum Will Rise and Suffering Soul are nods to that seminal slab of grind.

Unsilent Death is not grindcore, although there are moments that certainly come close.

As these feedback-linked songs unfold, there are moments of brief respite where Nails simply groove.

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Coliseum – No Salvation

6 Dec
Coliseum - No Salvation

Coliseum - No Salvation

I’ve heard Coliseum’s name around the traps for a while. They recently headlined a recent gig at Camden’s Underworld with Kvelertak, which I was gutted to miss due to boring grown-up responsibilities. Until today, I’d never got past the first track of their 2007 opus No Salvation, dismissing it as pedestrian and boringly growly.

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Disfear Live The Storm and Dipping Toes into D-Beat

24 Nov

Welcome to Monkey Defies Gravity.

This blog is just somewhere to keep track of my musical explorations. I am forever diving headfirst down the rabbit-hole online following my curiosity about bands and genres that are new to me.

Hours go by in a flash as I skip from link to link learning about black metal, pysch-folk, the tragic history of the Allman Brothers or whatever took my fancy that week. Rather than let this disappear into the ether, Monkey Defies Gravity will allow me to collect and curate this research. Plus if anyone reads and discovers a new favourite band or sound then everyone’s a winner.

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