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DVNE – Asheran Review

2 Aug


That’s some artwork, eh? The music more than lives up to it too.

Forgive the solipsism but it’s been a very long time since I have been as excited about a band as I am about DVNE.

It’s even more thrilling that DVNE are sludge-inspired band that have picked up the baton dropped in the desert dust many moons ago by personal favourites Baroness (and to a lesser extent Mastodon and Kylesa et al) and run off in the kind of direction I wish their forebears had set their sights upon.

This blog and metal blogging in general is dead, the occasional fragrant wisp escaping from its beautiful corpse. It’s kinda sad but it’s OK. Things decay and feed what comes next. I get most of my new metal from Shreddit these days and that’s where I was gifted DVNE on the weekly recommendations thread. A wondrous serendipity.

Their new record is so damn fantastic, I dusted off my blogging trousers and set to document its dazzling brilliance.

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New Mastodon Video: Curl of the Burl

16 Aug

I am not particularly personally invested in Mastodon. As they rose and took on the mantle of “the next Metallica”, I was busy digging deep into dub, bass music and their intersection with hip-hop to even notice.

I hadn’t even read their name until maybe 2007 at a push. It’s taken me this long to get into Remission (which I quite like), let alone any of the others of their so-called golden run.

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Earth, Krallice, Weakling, Birds in Row, The Streets, Mastodon and The Secret

8 Feb

Earth will hypnotise you with rumbling riffs

What’s been blasting through my headphones this week?

Read on for a brief round-up of the hits and misses of my musical wanderings over the past seven days.

The good: Enveloping myself in some masterful, almost ambient droning riffage from the man that inspired Sunn o)))

The bad: stabbing knitting needles into my ear, through the eardrum and into my brain. At least that’s what listening to The Secret felt like at the time.

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