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New Mastodon Video: Curl of the Burl

16 Aug

I am not particularly personally invested in Mastodon. As they rose and took on the mantle of “the next Metallica”, I was busy digging deep into dub, bass music and their intersection with hip-hop to even notice.

I hadn’t even read their name until maybe 2007 at a push. It’s taken me this long to get into Remission (which I quite like), let alone any of the others of their so-called golden run.

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Earth, Krallice, Weakling, Birds in Row, The Streets, Mastodon and The Secret

8 Feb

Earth will hypnotise you with rumbling riffs

What’s been blasting through my headphones this week?

Read on for a brief round-up of the hits and misses of my musical wanderings over the past seven days.

The good: Enveloping myself in some masterful, almost ambient droning riffage from the man that inspired Sunn o)))

The bad: stabbing knitting needles into my ear, through the eardrum and into my brain. At least that’s what listening to The Secret felt like at the time.

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