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Nails Live Set Video

11 Sep

This is fucking amazing. That is all.

Thanks to Hate5Six for filming and posting this.

Nails/Skin Like Iron Split 7″

12 Jan
Nails/Skin Like Iron Split

Daddy, look what I did at Play Skool today!

Nails condense their raging noise into a black hole of grinding fury. Their last album Unsilent Death roars home in just 14 minutes, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. I love it.

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Bon Iver, Manchester Orchestra, The Antlers – Quiet Times

7 Sep
Bon Iver

I may look like a hipster twat but 'tis not so

It’s not all metal, metal, metal here at Monkey Defies Gravity.

Well, it almost is but occasionally, when the blood is trickling from the eardrums, I indulge in a little quiet time.

In hipster circles, the  Bon Iver backlash has started.

Well fuck you, you rolled-up-trouser ankle-baring cunt-knuckles, Bon Iver circa 2011 is better than ever.

Sure, Bon Iver Bon Iver has put flesh on those oh-so-bare bones that entranced us on To Emma, Forever Ago. Yet Justin Vernon nails lush with no slush.

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Nails – Unsilent Death

16 Dec
Nails - Unsilent Death

Nails - Unsilent Death

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this odd little debut from SoCal band Nails. The 10 songs of Unsilent Death flash by in 13 minutes 48 seconds – in your face Slayer and Napalm Death!

Indeed the instant velocity achieved by 32-second opener Conform recalls Scum-era Napalm Death and surely track titles like Scum Will Rise and Suffering Soul are nods to that seminal slab of grind.

Unsilent Death is not grindcore, although there are moments that certainly come close.

As these feedback-linked songs unfold, there are moments of brief respite where Nails simply groove.

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