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Top 10 Emerging Classic Albums

30 May
Baroness - Blue Record

This is a bit of a suspense killer but hey, I needed a pic

Over on Sawtooth Wave, hhbrady poses the following excellent question: what albums are you still listening to at least once month from the past few years?

Nothing from 2011 is allowed onto the list. Essentially, it’s a challenge to name your top 10 emerging classic albums. Which recent records will be hailed in the same breath as Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast in another decade?

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Acephalix – Interminable Night

4 May
Acephalix - Interminable Night

Acephalix – Interminable Night

Thanks to Spinal Tapdance for alerting me to Acephalix. They inhabit that fertile space where crust, death and hardcore go to make twisted evil babies.

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Okkultokrati – No Light for Mass

15 Mar

Hoe down - Okkultokrati style

It was searching for more blackened hardcore like Kvelertak that led me to Okkultokrati. Some kvlt nong on last.fm was shouting about how Kvelertak were childish amateurs compared to the might of Okkultokrati. Sounds promising, thought I.

Unfortunately, this expectation for debut No Light for Mass to sound like Kvelertak +1 hobbled my appreciation for some time. The two bands may mix punk and black metal but the results couldn’t be more different.

Much as I have finally fallen for this record, it’s by no means “fun”. Rather than mead, wenches and Norse mythology, Okkultokrati have crafted a record of “necro spirituals” exploring the dark side of atheist metaphysics. Not that I care particularly – they could wail and growl about cute kittens or the finer points of auto-repair as long as the music is good. Which it is.

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Dishammer – Under The Sign of the D-Beat Mark

2 Mar

Dishammer like boobs

I’ve finally got my sweaty little paws on the follow-up EP to Spanish crusty blackened thrashers Dishammer’s debut Vintage Addiction. Not ones to hold back from beating a deceased equine animal into a tasty meatshake, Dishammer named this one Under The Sign of the D-Beat Mark.

Just in case you were possibly mistaken into thinking this was electro pop or a Justin Bieber side-project, Dishammer again thrust their influences into your face like a drunk man’s genitals on the night bus. That’s Bathory+Discharge, in case you weren’t sure (or distracted by the thought of genitals).

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