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Ear Balm: The Bon Scotts

22 Feb

It’s no secret that I love a bit of the quiet to soothe ears battered by the filthy and the furious. A palate cleanser, if you will.

Sporting perhaps a band name so inappropriate they feel forced to describe themselves as “Not an AC/DC covers band”, the Bon Scotts are the antithesis of their compatriot namesake.

Quiet and introspective, these Australians weave understated, emotional songs as much from found sounds and subtle glitches as traditional instrumentation.

They managed a single four-track EP in 2005 – the best song the sublimeĀ New Rain on Summer Roads above – before going into hiatus until 2010.

Unfortunately, the two albums released since then are more upbeat and obviously quirky, losing the uncertain, wistful edge that made their debut EP so charming.

Anyway, Kylesa tomorrow night so no more cardigan music for me for a while…