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Stone Roses to Reform?

14 Oct
Stone Roses

I'm a monkeh, a motherfuckin monkeh

The Stone Roses are candidates for my favourite band of all time.

No doubt, nostalgia plays a massive part in this.

Hearing even a few notes of their stunning eponymous 1989 debut transports me to being 18 – young, dumb and full of cum, as they say.

So I literally welled up with manly tears when I heard the (unconfirmed) news that the Roses are due to announce plans to reform for a series of 2012 gigs.

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Nostalgia – Memory and Music

12 Jan

For Proust, small cakes. For me The Stone Roses or New Model Army

Sensations can be a powerful trigger of memory. Just as Proust was famously transported back to his childhood upon biting into his tea-dipped madeleine, certain records when dusted off and played after a long hiatus can – quite unexpectedly – hurl me back in time.

It’s an unnerving and emotional experience that leaves me feeling disoriented and out of step with the world around me.

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