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Top 10 Emerging Classic Albums

30 May
Baroness - Blue Record

This is a bit of a suspense killer but hey, I needed a pic

Over on Sawtooth Wave, hhbrady poses the following excellent question: what albums are you still listening to at least once month from the past few years?

Nothing from 2011 is allowed onto the list. Essentially, it’s a challenge to name your top 10 emerging classic albums. Which recent records will be hailed in the same breath as Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast in another decade?

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Weedeater – Jason… The Dragon

7 Apr
Weedeater Band

Weedeater - Your gran would love them

Like Dave “Dixie” Collins’ liver, this post on Weedeater’s Jason… The Dragon been marinating for a long time.

My critical pendulum has been swinging like a bored suburban housewife about this fourth outing from the shambolic North Carolina trio of sludge maestros.

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WEEDEATER: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

12 Mar

WEEDEATER: Entire New Album Available For Streaming.

Well worth a listen but its only up for 3 more days. I’ll be posting some thoughts on the new Weedeater in the near future.

Weedeater – God Luck and Good Speed

4 Feb

The very well balanced Dixie Collins of Weedeater

Before I turn to Weedeater masterpiece God Luck and Good Speed, let me explain. I came late to the sludge party.

I didn’t even know what sludge was until I was blown away by Baroness’ Blue Record. Excited about the Georgians’ thrilling sound, I devoured every morsel of information I could about them

A word that kept coming up was “sludge”. Down the rabbit hole I tumbled headfirst and now I’m hooked. Not on pure sludge – single genre music is boring as batshit.

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