The Sun Electric Band

8 Feb
The Sun Electric Band

Your head smells nice

When I am not up to my ears in filth, I like to frolic in a little jangly surf-pop and even dip my toe into the waters of country rock.

The Sun Electric Band, an unsigned group from Manchester, scratch that itch for me.

It’s wistful and yet celebrates melancholy rather than wallowing in it.

I’ve seen them a couple of times in various back rooms in Camden and Shoreditch and they are really good live too.

Although I sometimes wish they would cover Black Sabbath rather than Gene Clark.

Check out their new song Orange Grove:

There are four songs for free download on their bandcamp, my favourite being the bizarrely titled but (relatively) quite rocking About a URL.

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  1. Kuz February 10, 2012 at 7:16 am #

    So, I decided to remove a couple of comments. Why? Well, they were over twice the length of my post and were someone essentially promoted their own band. If you would like to feature on the blog then please use the submission email address rather than hikack existing posts.

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