Dishammer – Under The Sign of the D-Beat Mark

2 Mar

Dishammer like boobs

I’ve finally got my sweaty little paws on the follow-up EP to Spanish crusty blackened thrashers Dishammer’s debut Vintage Addiction. Not ones to hold back from beating a deceased equine animal into a tasty meatshake, Dishammer named this one Under The Sign of the D-Beat Mark.

Just in case you were possibly mistaken into thinking this was electro pop or a Justin Bieber side-project, Dishammer again thrust their influences into your face like a drunk man’s genitals on the night bus. That’s Bathory+Discharge, in case you weren’t sure (or distracted by the thought of genitals).

I’ll forgive them as it’s an enjoyable listen, even if their shtick has worn a little thinner than on their full-length. Fortunately, at only seven songs in 15 minutes, it hardly outstays it’s welcome.

It also helps that the Dishammer shtick comprises: d-beats, thrashy guitars, black metal rasping, raw production, vintage porn, motorbikes and hilarious song titles like Sexwitch. Even if it’s a few shades weaker than the debut, what’s not to love?


This EP included, I’m really enjoying the  upsurge in bands creatively working various permutations of black, crust, hardcore and death/thrash. It’s some of the most exciting extreme music being made right now.

My love of Disfear, Kvelertak, Nails, Black Breath etc are well documented on this blog. However, I’ve also recently got into Okkultokrati and All Pigs Must Die – two bands well worth checking out.

3 Responses to “Dishammer – Under The Sign of the D-Beat Mark”

  1. Rich March 3, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    I saw Okkultokrati supporting Kylesa in Sheffield the other week, I thought they sounded pretty interesting, I meant to check some more of their stuff out but promptly forgot, probably due to Kylesa subsequently melting my face off, this has reminded me cheers, I will investigate!

    P.S. You’ve clearly had some “interesting” trips on night buses!

  2. Kuz March 3, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    I am absolutely ropeable that I missed the Kylesa/Okkultokrati tour. I can’t believe I didn’t know it was on. It was only a 20 minute bus ride from my flat too, aaaarrrgghh!

    I’m so jealous that my face remains unmelted. I really am so very fond of Kylesa’s barbarous yet technicolour onslaught.

    How were Okkultokrati live?

    On their record at least, Okkultokrati are perhaps an acquired taste due to the raw, blackened elements but No Light for Mass is really growing on me. I’m no fan of “proper” black metal by the way – it’s boring and literally irritates my ears. I hope you enjoy their occult take on black punk.

    • Rich March 3, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

      I had never heard of them before so did not know what to expect, they were only on the little stage at the Corporation (surprisingly, I thought Kylesa would have got a good sized crowd) and weren’t on for long, they seem pretty young, although the vocalist was a big lad with lots of greasy-looking hair he only looked about 19!! A good growler though and they certainly got a few heads nodding!

      I also couldn’t call myself a BM fan, I’m very picky when it comes to ‘metal’, black or otherwise, when I first heard Wolves in the Throne Room I thought, ooh, so I like black metal then, but when I investigated some other BM bands I found out that I didn’t actually!

      I’m definitely more of a fan of the more ‘post-rocky’ metal, Isis, Agalloch, Cult of Luna etc, well, you heard my ‘heavy’ cloudcast.

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